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Hail Movies!

As I have been repeatedly saying, I am a frustrated soul. As an aftermath of my loss in interest in engineering and anything remotely related to it – the college, studies, college people etc., I have forced myself to spend these last days here in isolation. Actually, I have been living with my laptop for last six months or so, biding my time. And no, I have not created a heavyweight software (the kind you see in movies like The Recruit or Die Hard 4.0 where a bunch of nerds sit all day with computers and shake the whole world with their mumbo jumbo and also find time to hang out, drink loads of beer, have wild sex and pass out) or hacked into China’s Government websites. What I have done? Well, here is what I have done – download movies (HOW COOL! I AM A CRIMINAL!), watch movies, read about movies, write about movies, researching about movies and of course, Facebooking.

Watching movies has been my passion since I have come to my senses. The technological advances, my growing up, easy accessibility and exposure to the best in movies are the factors which have contributed to them becoming an integral part of my life, my cul de sac, beyond which I do not move. Movies are my opium, my cocaine, my marijuana, my beedi or whatever. They are so much a part of my system that I cannot imagine myself without watching atleast one movie in two days. Back to back movie marathons are a norm for me. I am happy, I watch a movie. I am sad, I watch a movie. I am depressed, I watch a movie. I cannot go out, I watch a movie. I don’t socialize, I watch a movie. My idea of a perfect weekend – chicken + 6 movies (4 crime and 2 comedies – the Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen types). Better than having a girlfriend. Personal experience. Good for me.

There is so much out there in the movie world. A whole universe to navigate, explore and conquer. From the old world charm of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi and Casablanca, to the modern The Dark Knight and Kaminey. From Satyajit Ray to Vishal Bhardwaj. From Francis Ford Coppola to Christopher Nolan. From Quentin Tarantino’s extreme violence to Adam Sandler’s slapstick humour. From the very basic Citizen Kane to the visual effects heavy Avatar. From Mogambo to The Joker. From Orson Wells to Leonardo DiCaprio. From Martin Scorsese to Ram Gopal Verma. From Mean Streets to Satya. From From the standard hindi potboilers to Rahul Bose type intellectual cinema. From the subtlety of movies like Dil Chahta Hai to the loud Andaz Apna Apna. And obviously – Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Amitabh Bachchan (fanboy speak). I can go on and on. Just don’t get me started on movies.

The reason I am writing this today is that I have my exams tomorrow (though not of a very important nature) and its almost midnight and I have not studied anything. I didn’t even know which subject exam I have tomorrow until today evening. But yes, I watched three movies back to back throughout the day – Dick Tracy (pulp Hollywood, watched because of Al Pacino, nothing else), Khalnayak (watched an out an out masala potboiler after several months) and A History Of Violence (looks deeply into the psychology behind violence). Was planning for a fourth movie but chose to write instead.

Don’t know why I wrote all this. I am not bragging certainly. Maybe I had a desire to update this blog or maybe I am contemplating over my current situation where even exams have ceased to scare me. My ultimate state of fruitlessness and my desire to revolt against the system maybe. Don’t know. Don’t want to know. Movies rock. Everything else may goto hell. Especially the useless studies. Atleast for next one month. Going to watch Yesterday was A Lie (a neo noir fantasy). Adios.


5 Responses

  1. saale movie freak…………
    itni movies mat dekha kar aur bhi bahut kuch karne ko hai…..fulfill your goal and ambitions………

  2. goals – let d ryt time come ie post clg..

  3. contact Ripleys. maybe you already have a record.

  4. u have made us feel what was u actually feeling while writing this article………..identity of the one who writes what the heart says…gud man keep it up

  5. movies are a vivid imagery of someonne’s dreams. A good movie is nothing but fruit of somebody’s hard-work and passion, their desire to see their dream realized, and that dream sent to you, which is what makes them awesome. Just don’t let their dreams overshadow your own…

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