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Of Virtues And Vices

One more failure which has resulted in two more subsequent fuck ups in my life. When will it end? Will it ever end goddamnit? But how will it end? I should have seen it coming. I have paved the way for it. All those evenings and mornings wasted in maintaining Mafia Wars scores, all those days spent watching back to back movies, all those nights wasted away chatting with random idiots like me from other parts of the world on Omegle, all other such random shit which has become a routine in my life had to end up here.

The failure in itself is not a big issue. The real issue is the reason behind the failure. When will my lazy ass understand that one has to become a part of the system. You cannot, I repeat, you cannot live against it. But no, dil to bachcha hai ji. It will do what it wants. And in turn lead to me getting fucked. All the anti system rants, the lose control, I’m a rebel shit which I have been following for past three years has led me here. So much for being yourself and following your heart to do what you like.

So, what will I do now? Ok, here is the deal. I will cut down on my surfing time. I will watch one movie a day instead of two. I will finish a chapter everyday from that goddamned Abhijit Guha book and sharpen my programming/reasoning/whatever else the fuck skills you need to get a job of a code coolie, gradually. And fuck Mafia Wars. Time to get a job and make some real money and buy some real property. Heck, I will even do away with this new passion (or chutiyapa? Who reads your crappy posts anyways Ashish?).

So, this is my resolution – to improve on things said above and to do away with my vices. Wait. Mantriji is back with a bang. Oh what? Proposal to watch Gunda, that masterpiece of a movie yet again? Can’t resist. Bulla (jo rakhta hai khulla)and Lambu Atta (jo deta hai maut ka chaanta) win hands down. And Shyam, will you turn up the radio? Its been quite a while I have listened to that Nickelback song. What? Cards? What are you going to play? Bluff? Me too. Me too. Hey its midnight. That girl from Utopia must be online now. Gotta chat with her. She was about to spill beans about her sex life last night. By the way, Rohit called. Yet another “Vivek cooks chicken and we eat” night at his room (and ogling at girls in Sector 10). And what about trip to EDM? Not the mall dumbo. The liquor shop behind it. What about police there? Oh fuck that. Jo hoga dekha jaega.Thats the spirit Piyush. And I have my hard disk full of movies which I haven’t watched yet. Watch them now else it will be too late. Tera porn collection mere porn collection se bada kaise? Shame on me…………….. Blah Blah Blah……… Adios.


6 Responses

  1. Woah! You are on fire.. Two posts a day keeps frustration away.

    Keep it up dude! I particularly liked the pace and the confused state of mind in the last paragraph.

  2. Believe everything, trust nothing !

  3. Believe everything, trust nothing.

  4. bf, that eternal compensation for gf. 🙂 mast likh rhe ho

  5. wow! buddy u deserve a place in media.

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