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Fortcut or Chhota Fortcut?

The body is lazy, the mind is restless and the heart, that little bastard has its own fucked up problems. The days are hopeless and the nights filled with even more hopelessness. The mind races in every possible direction to devise new ways to reach out to the topmost priority right now. No, its not a job or a girlfriend or a Jack Daniels bottle or the latest porn flick doing rounds in all the rooms across the hostel. Its MONEY – what Pink Floyd call “a gas.. a hit.. a crime.. root of all evil”. And a damn  necessary evil.

Where does this thought come from? It so happened that I was at Rohit’s place two nights back. He played the title track from Kaminey all night and continued playing it the next morning. So engrossed we were in the lyrics, which applied to our lives, that we never grew tired of it. And suddenly I felt the urge to watch Kaminey again, for the fourth or fifth time. Once back to my hostel, I sat down in my usual way, to watch it.

This movie is really different. It is as different from any other Hindi movie as Sholay is from Gunda. I don’t know whether it is also a rip off from some other flick from some other part of the world. However the opening credits thank one Cajetan Boy who is a writer and short film director from Nairobi, for the idea. The film is a no nonsense, out and out crime thriller. It has an ensemble cast with a really fast paced narrative.

Essentially a story of twin brothers who loathe each other, it beautifully intertwines a day in their lives with gangsters and police. Gangsters are of all kinds here – Marathi, Bengali, Negroes, Goan and the corrupt cops. Everyone is a “kamina” right from the gangsters to police to the local politician to her sister to the small kid who demands “motor” from his uncle to keep his mouth shut and later betrays him. Charlie, with his lisp narrates the movie and it his his dedication to his dream which impresses a lot.

At the centre is a guitar case full of cocaine. Charlie (the gangster twin, the one with the lisp) chances upon it and in the way, makes enemies out of corrupt cops and all sorts of gangsters. A case of mistaken identity with his brother Guddu (the decent twin who stammers, and maybe the only innocent character in the movie, even he ends up beating his brother to save his love) ensures everyone becoming involved in a great comedy/tragedy of errors. All of them show their own “kaminapan” for money. A cop kills his elder brother, the politician is willing to go against his ideology for money, the negro thugs are ready to kill anytime, Charlie can go to any lengths to fulfill his dream, Sweety can shoot her brother for her love, the police hold their fire on being offerred 33% of the bounty, so on and so forth. All of them ultimate “kaminey”, mad for money. And hence my thoughts regarding money.

Human greed, lust for power and money and the sheer madness of the world around us are beautifully shown in this movie. Stylistically, it derives from Guy Ritchie films like Lock, stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. A really fast paced narrative with an ensemble cast where each character has its own prominence in the whole scheme of things. Also the Quentin Tarantino inspired use of retro songs in the background is quite obvious. The one which I really liked is the scene of gangwar in a hotel room with the Do Lafzo Ki song from The Great Gambler playing in the background – iss zindagi ke din kitne kam hain, kitni hain khushiyan aur kitne ghum hain.

Brilliant dialogues full of abuses, crisp treatment, superb setup, fast pace and the awesome music along with the frequent close up shots – everything is superb about this movie. No wonder I can watch it again and again. And no wonder, it makes me think about money, its importance and the the depths to which people can go to have it. Adios.


3 Responses

  1. Hi!
    Welcome to the blogger club. Its an addictive hobby, if you may call it an hobby.
    I liked this particular well written post more than the previous ones, specially the part where the movie is compared to the hollywood flicks.

    Keep the posts rolling…

  2. Movies, a necessary evil !

  3. hats off not to u idiot…….
    to the movie.
    a damn good movie…
    awesomely awesome

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