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Curtain Raiser

So this is the beginning. After the first customary “Hello World” post with which all the fake (guys like me) or real IT people are too familiar, I am blogging for the first time. After weeks, no months of contemplating about it, finally I decided to go for it tonight. Partially inspired by great bloggers like The Greatbong (bow to thee Sir) and partially because everyone seems to be going for it (Jaadu, Dada and many others. AD, you should have kept up with your blog. Alas you quit and the world lost a lion’s share of wit and sarcasm. Hope you listen to me and return.). So this is the place where I will vent my ire on all and sundry. And I definitely don’t care who is reading it or who is not or how many comments this blog has or what the hell am i writing.
As for the username, yes I am a movie freak. Movies are my life and they affect me on epidemic scales (I think its poor english here. Screw that anyways.). But that doesn’t mean I will be posting just about movies, though there will be a lot of references. And the references will be from the queerest of movies and from the stupidest of movies. When it comes to movies, there will be weirdest, whackiest and wonderfullest stuff here. For the thick headed part, well that is no surprise for those who know me.
People say I am a frustrated guy and that I am. So there will be a lot of grudge, anger, criticism and attempts at sarcasm, however futile, in my posts. Recently someone really close to me earlier and now as distant from me as Subhash Ghai from a hit movie after Taal (well, here is the first attempt) wreaked her havoc on me saying I can become a very good critic as I tend to criticize a lot. Well, here I go baby. Contemplating on topics to write now. Adios.

2 Responses

  1. all the best 🙂

  2. nice one…i ll wait for ur diff blogs on diff topics……..

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